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Best Tips for Great Skin <3

Best Tips for Great Skin <3

4 Basic Tips on Skin Care <3

Trying to find the best skin care products/services can be changeling and confusing not knowing the basics first. So we are here to break it down :)


Tip #1: Knowing what is your skin type.

It is very crucial to know what type of skin you are, in order to buy the correct products to start a skin care regimen. 

Skin Types- Normal, Combination, Oily, Dry, Mature


Tip #2: What skin care products to use.

We recommend to use skin care products that are PARABEN FREE, NO HARSH CHEMICALS, & PLANT BASED.

Also, use what is recommended...

For example..Face wash that is meant fo oily skin should be used only if you have oily skin, etc...


Tip #3: Always USE SUNSCREEN!

Use a cream based sunscreen on your face, neck, and chest daily! (even on cloudy days) The sun has UV rays that will cause sun damage over time to the skin.


Tip #4: Get facial maintenance by your local Esthetician (skin care expert)

Get facials and skin care treatments by your local Esthetician to help remove dead skin cells, improve texture, and maintain overall the health of the skin.